I have a fair bit of experience in GIS and Python, but am brand new to developing on the web.

I have rented some space on a server and have a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database as well as Geoserver on it. The other side of the coin is a Microsoft Access database (which will later be a web based application, but that's later) that has a bunch of data related to the Spatial data (polygon layers) up on the server.

What components do I need to develop so that the Access database can request specific data from Geoserver and have it display on a webpage (that is seen by the user through the Access program). I also want the Access program to be able to request a KML layer that will display in Google Earth.

For the first option I think that I need to use the OpenLayers GetMap examples and build a map from that. The map will need to be able to get all of a particular layer, as well as one polygon from the same layer displayed differently so that it stands out. I remember that there is a way to integrate Google Maps as a base layer. Are there other/better options?

For the second option (use the Access database to query Geoserver and display the result in Google Earth) I'm at a loss. It seems like it can be done, but how?

I just need to be pointed in the right direction as most of these technologies are new to me and I'm a bit lost.

Thanks a lot!

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So I stumbled on the question and it lead me to OpenLayers 2.1 Beginners Guide by Erik Hazzard. It looks to be just what I need to figure out how to make a web map application.

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