Until I tried installing Visual Studio 6.0 and Crystal Reports 8.5 last week, my ArcGIS was working perfectly. After the installation, however, every time I try to execute any search in the search window in ArcGIS 10.2.1 (both ArcMap and ArcCatalog), I get a script error with the message Object reference not set to instance of an object on Line 93.

Script Error on line 93 char 5

Below is the function from the file which is causing the error described.

    function DoSearch()
    var st = document.getElementById("st_ID").value;
    if ((st == null) || (st.replace(/\s/g,"") == "") || (st.lenght == 0))
    if(GetContextCode(currentContextOnPage) != 6)
    var autoCompStr =  getAutoCompleteStrings();


    var context = GetContextCode(currentContextOnPage);
    window.external.DoSearch(st, context); // <-- Error line

The following are things I tried that did not yield any positive result:

  • Uninstalled Visual Studio 6.0 and Crystal Reports
  • Uninstalled and then reinstalled ArcGIS
  • Replacing the MdDlgContent.xsl and MdDlgHelp.xsl files with the contents of ver10.zip file as described in ESRI KB38099 here.
  • Updated my Java RE to the latest available this morning (Java 7 update 60 v7.0.600)
  • Installed all Windows Updates for Internet Explorer
  • Reset all Internet Explorer settings
  • Allow execution of all scripts

Surprisingly tool windows are not affected and I am able to run tools when I double click on them from the toolbox. The screen shot below shows the Buffer tool opened and displaying properly.

Buffer tool window

How do I fix this error?

  • try deleting the temp file referenced in the error
    – Dowlers
    Jun 16, 2014 at 17:36
  • It makes no difference. It is a temporary file. A new one is generated every time ArcMap is run and deleted automatically when closed. Jun 16, 2014 at 17:40

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The error is very reminiscent, but perhaps not identical, to one that I encountered, a few years ago, and that I am not convinced has ever been resolved.

It is discussed on the ArcGIS Discussion Forums:

I've seen an error thrown by two tools (Create Raster Catalog and Clip - but which tools is probably irrelevant) on three Windows XP laptops using a procedure that works fine on three other Windows XP laptops and two Windows Vista laptops.

It occurs after the Search tool (with Tools option) is used to find a tool and then the tool is left clicked on to try and start it.

Instead of starting it the error seen is:

"Webpage Error

Contains errors that might prevent it from displaying correctly


Line: 14

Error: Invalid Pointer"

I recommend that you report this one to your local Esri Support.


Possible answer here. Worked for me. https://gisnuts.com/terra/blog/2013/01/22/arcgis-geoprocessing-tools-scripting-error

  • Thanks for digging this up. I however can't verify this solution because I have since upgraded to ArcGIS 10.3. Nov 17, 2015 at 16:23

Since I could not get any fix for this issue, I wrote an ArcGIS extension for searching for tools. I may extend it to enable searching for other things besides tools in future.

It is available for download from Tool Finder v1.0-beta.


I just found the solution for this problem.

What you need to do is the following: In Windows go to: Control Panel -> Programs -> Unistall a program. Then right click on "ArcGIS for Desktop" -> Select "Uninstall/change". The ArcGIS Setup dialog will pop up. Chose the "Repair" option.

After finishing the Repair procedures the ArcGIS will be working properly!

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