I am using QGIS 1.6 and have imported a set of latitude, longitude points from a CSV file as a layer. I also have another layer from a shapefile. When I go to layer->properties for the second layer I see that the "Layer Spatial Reference System" is


I would like to reproject the first layer using the second layer's CRS. How can I do this?

When I enable on the fly projection it reprojects the second layer into latitude/longitudes. What I want is the opposite: I want the lat/longs to be projected using the CRS of the second layer. I know that I can choose a CRS when I am saving the first layer but I do not know what CRS I should select.


When you go to Layer -> Set layer CRS on the second layer, you see either a epsg: code or a custom code written after the projection string.

So go to the first layer, Save As ... , change CRS to Selected CRS, Browse and enter the code in the Filter field to get the right projection. And select a different file name than before.

I assume EPSG:2805 is the CRS you want.


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