I am planning to create a plugin to create quality information. The plugin should do following actions: 1) To add Dataset for which the quality information is to be added. 2) View the quality info if available. 3) Create a new one or edit existing. 4) Save it to the Database along with the dataset. I need to know whether all the tasks mentioned above is possible to create or not. If possible send me the links where I can get ideas.


Given that you know how to code in python:

  1. Look at the pygis developer cookbook
  2. Look at existing plugins how other people coded their plugins. You can access them in your QGIS profile folder after download or get them here as zip-file
  3. Look in the QGIS API if you can not find the method/function/class you are looking for. (Tip: Search Bar ;) )
  4. If they are very specific questions, try to ask a question here and please (!!!) give a code-example. However note that you should only ask questions directly related to PyQGIS and not general python issues. Those belong to Stackoverflow or other websites.

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