Is there an identify features option for OpenStreetMap.org (OSM.org)?

Stemming from this question: How to get shapefile of river from OpenStreetMap? I'm looking for the ability to use OSM.org to figure out the tags and values for features I want to download through the Overpass API, or even QGIS for that matter.

If there was a way to use OSM.org to browse the data of OSM through the map interface, then click on a feature to get the information about it.

Currently, if you know what a feature is called, you can search for it, and you get the information I'm referring to as the output:

enter image description here

This would be the exact information I would expect if I were to use an Identify button and click on a feature on OSM.org.

This would greatly help, as the first referenced post suggests, the ability to pull down specific data from Overpass API or QGIS.


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  1. Zoom into the map as close as possible
  2. Click on the layers icon on the right (the three sheets of paper)
  3. Click on the last menu entry (Map data or something similar in your language)

Then all lines get blue, and you can identify them with the mouse.

Other option is to install the JOSM editor, and download a small portion of the area of your interest. You don't need to register for downloading only.


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