I'm working on a geographic information system project, whose products form shapefiles. I am using the Java programming language and a PostGIS database. Is there a way to generate a shapefile from PostGIS or KML using the Java language?

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    Another thing you could look into is GeoTools. It is another open source package written in Java. It may have a little more than what you need, but it would allow you more freedom to manipulate the data. – Branco Oct 1 '14 at 17:07

Geotools is a powerful library, and can read from PostGIS, for example, and can export to ShapeFile, for example, using the "Feature" object.

I cann't show you a complete "example", but it's easy to find out a way to do it, in Google.


You can use geotools to do such actions. You may find here an example converting a java ResultSet to shapefile. Though the example provided is using an oracle ResultSet but you can easily adjust it to accept postgis ResultSet and generate shapefiles.


H2GIS is a lightweight (about 5 megabytes) embedded spatial database written in Java and available on Maven Central. It could suit your needs. A short sample of using this library is available.

generate a shp file from PostGIS

H2GIS can import/export SHP files. You can use the SHPDriverFunction by providing a JDBC connection with PostGIS.You should use this connection wrapper in order to bind JTS geometry object to postgis geometry object.

generate a kml file from PostGIS

A KMLDriverFunction is also available.

Please note that the H2GIS library is under the GPLV3 license. In order to use this your software must be open-source.


You can search for OpenJUMP it's a GIS Java software, you can use it to display PostGIS files or for developing Plugins. You can read more about this GIS Java software here.

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