QGIS Print Composer has tool "Save As Image" and I found appropriate function in QGIS source code exportCompositionAsImage. Is it possible to get access to existing Print Composer from Python console and perform this operation - export composition as image with composer settings.

After help from @ndawson, I'm using printPageAsRaster function for printing different combinations of layers created with layerCombinations plugin:

from layerCombinations import classFactory
lc = classFactory(iface)
lc_manager = lc.manager
combinations = lc_manager.combinationsList
composition = iface.activeComposers()[0].composition()
composition_items = composition.items()
for cmb in combinations:
  for item in composition_items:
    if item.type() ==  65641: #this is the type of ComposerMap
      lc_manager.applyCombinationToMap(cmb, item)
  image = composition.printPageAsRaster(0)
  image.save('/home/dr/' + cmb +'.png','png')

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To get a list of existing composer windows:

composers = iface.activeComposers()

Then, you need to get a reference to a specific composition:

c = composers[0].composition()

Render the page as an image (0 refers to the page number):

image = c.printPageAsRaster(0)

Save the image to disk (first argument is the filename, second is the format):


So, the entire code should look something like this:

c = iface.activeComposers()[0].composition()
image = c.printPageAsRaster(0)
  • Update #1: I've added code sample of using this functionality.
    – drnextgis
    Jun 25, 2014 at 15:28

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