I created a basic dashboard with MVC 4, visual studio 2012, The dashboard displays a Google map. Here is an image of the dashboard: enter image description here

My intention is to be able to take this Kml file: enter image description here

And successfully overlay it, onto the Google map, on the dashboard.

I have heard about the 'Geomxl3', the Kml map parser, below is my layout of how i used the Geoxml3: enter image description here

However, it built without a problem and the dashboard opened up without a problem, but, there was no kml to be seen,the kml had not been overlayed. Is there a mistake in my script? am i not using the correct method of overlaying kml files onto a a Google map? must i use the Xml schema of my Kml file instead of the kml file itself? any advice would be helpful.

Please note: I have the Google Maps Api Javascript V3, I am using MVC4, visual studio 2012, My Kml is stored on a local server.


Changed browser from Google chrome to firefox it all works now

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