When I edit the Info Window, I modified

<a href="http://cs.sj.gov/pub/prjDetail.cfm?prj_id=+{PRJ_ID}"> View Details </a>


<a href="http://cs.sj.gov/pub/prjDetail.cfm?prj_id=+{PRJ_ID}" target="_blank"> View Details </a>

However, in the map preview, the new attribute target="_blank is not added into the Info Window.

Did I miss anything?


This isn't supported.

Google Maps Engine supports only basic HTML for the info windows, as listed here.

  • link you provide is not saying "target" is not supported – augusto Jun 12 '15 at 15:56
  • You're right. I could have sworen that's where I seen it mentioned previously. Anyway I don't think that docco will be updated any further as the enterprise level maps engine is being deprecated in Jan 2016. – Andrew Jeffrey Jun 13 '15 at 20:16

As exposed here, you can take advantage of the Fusion Table features. We have also a running example at geocodezip.com

More details with this Stackoverflow answer

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