I have a parcel layer and I am trying to determine the percentage of each parcel that falls within specific zones. I tried tabular intersect but it just returned an empty output.

I'm using ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop.

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    Are the projections of the parcel and zone layers the same? What fields are you using in the Tabulate Intersection tool? – Erica Jun 30 '14 at 14:05

Do the following:

  1. add field "OldArea" to the parcels and populate with area values (Field right click - Calcualte Geometry)
  2. Perform Intersect with the Zones dataset
  3. add another field ("NewArea") and populate with areas after intersection (same way than #1)
  4. calculate the percentage = (NewArea/OldArea) * 100 in the new field

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