I have created an OpenStreetMap server using the guide Manually building a tile server (12.04). It's very good and works like a charm. I have also been able to add a new theme using TileMill and osm-bright.

However, I now want to be able to switch between two themes, osm-bright and my own osm-night. Is this an Apache question or is there a way to modify Mapnik to be able to get a parameter from, for example, openlayers to switch between these two themes?


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The style is invoked in renderd.conf with something like


So you can exchange that call to another xml file, or use two configuration files for renderd.

If it is pure mapnik, duplicate generate_tiles.py, and change mapfile = "osm.xml" to another style file.

In both cases, you should change the output folder too to avoid overwriting your original tiles.

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