I am using an ESRI toolbar control buddied with a map control.

I am using a command. Below is a simple example.

My question is to clarify - having the ServerAction method is a requirement when you are using the toolbar control and server side action?

public class CustomExtent : IMapServerCommandAction //implements the IServerAction interface
    public CustomExtent()

#region IServerAction Members

public void ServerAction(ToolbarItemInfo info)
   Map map = info.BuddyControls[0] as Map;
   map.Extent = new Envelope(-90, 10, -70, 5);


As quoted from the web ADF reference documentation:

Classes that will be used as the ServerActionClass for a toolbar item must implement this method.

So, unless I misunderstood the question, the answer is yes.

  • GuillaumeC: I read that piece in the documentation which is why I was wanting a clarification to be sure I did not miss anything. I was also curious if someone has been able to implement it differently. I am thinking about creating a toolbar class that just handles the ServerAction Methods that just call and pass parameters to my other classes. – shawn deutch Aug 11 '10 at 16:32

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