Is it possible to capture data for post processing on a Trimble GeoXH, XT, or XM without using Terrasync or GPScorrect? Specifically I would like to create a RINEX file. A Trimble 4000 series receiver can log data internally, that can then be exported to a PC and converted into a RINEX file. Is this possible to do with a stock Geo XT, XH, XM?


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We (embarrassingly) purchased at GeoXT without software and were put in a position to attempt to obtain GPS data and post-process it. In my research I stumbled on this http://gpspp.sakura.ne.jp/rtklib/rtklib.htm and believe it may be a good lead - our office has not had much flexibility to look into the potential.

"RTKLIB is an open source program package for standard and precise positioning with GNSS. RTKLIB consists of a portable program library and several application programs (APs) utilizing the library."

  • the quality of post processing with RTKLIB is it similar to post processing using trimble software ?
    – geogeek
    May 29, 2012 at 10:53

Ozi Explorer

http://www.oziexplorer.com/ (should) read/convert Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX)

  • I was hoping to capture the Trimble binary format carrier phase data. I don't think OziExplorer does anything other than NEMA. Thanks anyway.
    – user3169
    May 31, 2011 at 4:04

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