Using gdal translate, would it be possible to convert from IMG to GeoTIFF?

We have very little experience with gdal.


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gdal_translate -of GTiff  C:\temp\input\a.img   C:\temp\output\a.tif

and the batch option

GDAL_translate: converting ESRI GRID to Geotiff in batch

'-of GTiff' this part is probably not even required as this is the default but will do no harm.


As part of their NED data delivery changes in 2013, the National Map provided a set of file conversion scripts. See this script:

GDAL_IMG_2_GeoTIFF.bat c:\temp\input.img

The result is dropped in a sub-directory:


For converting many files, you may consider this script


Recursively Scans directory for IMG files and runs GDAL_IMG_2_GeoTIFF on all

The GeoTIFF will be put in the same directory as the IMG file.

At the time of writing, the scripts are available as a zip file at this link.

Additional information about the USGS raster conversion scripts can be found at this link

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