I have a csv file http://www.geocities.ws/radar/data2.csv.
The first column is latitude.
The second column is lonitude.
The third column is precipitation type.
5 represents freezing rain. 15 represents sleet. 25 represents rain. 35 represents snow. 45 represents hail.
How would I translate that into a filled contour plot like the following?
I would like this on a Google Earth kml file. How would I edit the spacing between the contours?

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Most GIS desktop software apps have ability to plot table or csv data based on lng/lat or x/y values to generate a point event layer. Event layers may then be exported to a GIS layer (e.g. shapefile), and then you may run a spatial analysis interpolation tool or script to create the raster surface similar to your link example. Finally, these raster layers may be converted to a kml or kmz. I believe QGIS app will allow you to do most of these steps either through the native tools or plug-ins.

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