I'm using ITableWindow2.FindViaStandaloneTable--that works. I can get the ITableWindow for the stand alone table and the table from that.

Then I try to sort using an ITableSort. No exceptions, but the table doesn't sort. Is ITableSort the right approach or is there a different approach to sorting within a Table Window?

ITableSort sort= new TableSortClass();
sort.Fields = "MDATE";
sort.Ascending["MDATE"] = true;
sort.Table = standAloneTable.Table;

The goal is to programmatically sort a field. The way an end-user would manually right click a column on an attribute table and sort ascending or descending.


No, ITableSort will not help you in this case. It returns a cursor which you can use to iterate through records sorted in the desired order.

To answer your question, I am sorry to say that sorting records in a table window does not seem to be exposed anywhere in the ArcObjects API.

  • +1 I wonder if this could be hacked by using spy++ to see what winapi messages are sent when interactively sorting a table, then writing a command to send those same messages. – Kirk Kuykendall May 30 '11 at 16:21

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