The title says it all. I've got a bunch of .bil files, which I can open in R using the raster command pointed to the path to the .bil file. But I don't know how to efficiently incorporate the contents of the other files, which seem to be metadata, into the raster layer in order to georeference it.

Alternatively, could I convert these sets of files to geotiffs using a system() call to gdal_translate? What would be the syntax for that?

  • How about using readOGR from the rgdal package?
    – user32309
    Jul 14, 2014 at 7:46

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if you want to convert to geotiff with raster package:

input_name=raster("c:/file.bil") #if you use 
writeRaster(input_name, output_name,format="GTiff",datatype='INT1U',overwrite=TRUE)

the data type depends of your input data type, in this case 8bits.

if you want to convert to geotiff with gdalUtils package:

gdal_translate(input_name, output_name, ot='INT1U', of = "GTiff")

which other software will you use? envi? erdas?

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