I have an ArcGIS for WPF application capable of displaying both online (ESRI map server) and local (*.tpk files) basemaps. I currently have a need to be able to load a basemap of China on a machine that has no internet / network connection.

My initial thought was to find / purchase / generate a tpk file (or similar) that can be copied onto the drive of the machine in question, but I am having trouble finding such a thing.

Are basemaps available as tiled packages that can be accessed in such a manner?

I am aware that they can be rather large.


You can go two ways.

  1. Use GP tool Create Map Tile Package (Data Management) (when you have a map document with vector data you want to rasterize and store within a tile package file). If you don't have vector data, consider taking a look at Data and Maps for ArcGIS.
  2. Use GP tool Export Tile Cache (Data Management) (when you have a GIS service map cache dataset and want to convert it to the tile package). The Esri basemaps are available for purchase as Data and Maps for Server - you'll get the cache dataset which you can convert to tile package. Caveat: check whether this operation is licensed; keep in mind that you don't get into larger scales in this cache dataset).

PS. Helpful tip for enabling ArcGIS Runtime sharing in ArcMap and more general information on tile packages and Runtime content.

  • Thanks for the info - I currently don't have a licenced copy of ArcMap or the ability to use it properly, hence my hope that these things could be bought 'off the shelf' or as a paid for service. I will follow your links however as perhaps I can generate enough to prove the concept with a trial version.
    – user33079
    Jul 2 '14 at 13:32

Sound like you need a Data Appliance for ArcGIS

'Data Appliance for ArcGIS is a turnkey solution that provides terabytes of worldwide basemaps and reference layers preloaded onto a network-attached storage device that plugs right into your organization's internal network.'

  • Thanks - I only actually need about 1000 square miles of China down to street level (ish) and no references layers so I think that might be a bit pricey!
    – user33079
    Jul 9 '14 at 10:10

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