I am receiving values in the form of 0113.7276,N,10339.0121,E from a Ship Data Recorder. I am not a GIS/ GPS expert and am unable to decipher what do these values mean, because they are out of range for standard latitude and longitude values.

What could these values mean?


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The values you gave are for 1°13.7276'N, 103°39.0121'E, which as @Mapperz said in his comment, corresponds to 1.228793°N, 103.650201°E. The format is 2 digits for latitude (00-90 inclusive) or 3 digits for longitude (000-180 inclusive) in degrees of arc, followed by 2 digits (00-59 inclusive) for minutes of arc, followed by the decimal portion of the minutes of arc, in this case to 4 digits (roughly 1m precision), or more formally, [D]DDMM.mmmm,H with the H standing for the hemisphere.

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