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I have a polygon grid which consists of 100 square polygons. For each square I need to export the raster overlay. I have ArcGIS 10.0, FME 2014, Saga-GIS. Is there a suitable tool for this or do I need to script something with Python or Model builder?

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I am not really sure about what exactly you need to do. Do yours 100 grid polygons snap to pixels of raster? (1 polygon = 1 pixel) And do you need to extract raster values into polygon grid? If it is sufficient for you only to extract raster pixel data and do have it in one table, you can firstly (in ArcGIS):

  1. convert raster to points (conversion->From Raster->Raster to Point) and than

  2. extract raster pixel values into this new points.shp (Spatial analysis->Extraction->Extract Values to Points) or if you have multiple rasters use Extract Multi Values to Points (Warning! with zero value it doesnt work very well!)

  3. export attribute table with values for each pixel (look maybe here: http://www.geoplanit.co.uk/?p=21)

If you would like to use polygons, dont you want to try convert Raster to Polygon? (conversion->From Raster->Raster to Polygon) and overlay it than with your 100 polygons grid?

Hope it helps, or thy to specify your question

  • Nein. I have a project area of around 500km². I have a single raster image covering the whole area. I have created a 2km²x2km² grid covering the project area, and now need to extract the underlying raster image for each cell of the grid. – Robert Buckley Jul 3 '14 at 9:50

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