I was working on the OpenGeo Suite tutorials to develop web applications using Geoexplorer. When I launched Geoexplorer from dashboard, I could see readily available 'query' tool embeded there along with other tools. When I click query tool, I can see a collapsible table at the bottom along with with query tool. Here is the screenshot,

enter image description here

Fifure: 1

Now I followed the tutorials to build complete application using SDK client. Tutorials say about making a 'Featuregrid' which is not collapsible as shown in the upper image (Figure : 1). Also they did not include query tool using SDK client. I write the following code to add query tool,

{ ptype: "gxp_queryform", featureManager: "states_manager", outputConfig: { title: "Query", width: 320 }, actionTarget: "map.tbar" }

Now I can see query tool on ly map toolbar. But if I select this, I don't see any collapsible table, but only the query box. Here is the screenshot: enter image description here

Figure : 2

My question is , how can I implement a query tool using SDK client that will also output a collapsible table like in Geoexplorer (Figure:1). And can I auto hide the featuregrid table in Figure 2?

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Just look at the source code of GeoExplorer's Composer, that should give you all the hints you need for solving your problem:



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