I'm actively developing a MapBasic module that provides additional MBX programming functionality by wrapping .NET 4.0 and Win32 API calls in easy to use MapBasic functions and subs. MB_Utils acts as an abstraction layer so a user can easily do things that are not directly supported in MapBasic: get Windows user name, display custom progress bars and dialogs, perform file i/o, etc. I've sort of been filling in the frustrating shortcomings of MapBasic I've come across.

I'm looking fro some suggestions on where to post MB_Utils so as to gain exposure to other MapBasic developers. MB_Utils is hosted on GitHub:



  • +1 for looking for ways to share custom tools with other users – Chris W Jul 3 '14 at 21:06
  • 1
    I realize there is a very limited audience for MapInfo/MapBasic development, but in addition to GitHub and here, I've also made MB_Utils available on the MapInfo-L discussion board, and at communitydownloads.pbinsight.com/. I'm trying to cast a wide net so my project may pop up in a google search result of any other MB developers out there whose development needs could be met with my library. – mfcallahan Jul 4 '14 at 19:54

Thanks for sharing your module.

You have mentioned a number of places yourself so let's try to summarize:

  • communitydownloads.pbinsight.com: The Pitney Bowes Software site for sharing tools and source code for all our products

  • MapInfo-L on Google Groups: the mailing list for a questions related to MapInfo products. It has been around for two decades and it quite active.

  • mapinfotools.com: a site for sharing tools with or without source code

  • directionsmag.com: on their resource site you can find a bunch of stuff related to GIS tools, including MapInfo tools with and without source code


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