I am trying to get a count of related records (Tableform) in order to validate Editform entry (using VBS).

Any help getting myCount?

I Know there are some syntax issues here, but is this even possible in Arcpad axf?

Seems simple using VBA but something like this:

Sub Validate()
    myCount = (Select count(*) from tblRelatedRecs where ID = Pcontrol.value Group by ID   
    If myCount > 5 then
        Application.MessageBox ("Huma, you erred!")
        ThisEvent.Result = False
    End If
End Sub

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Looks like you are trying to execute a SQL expression. I believe (and I could be wrong here) that data stored in an AXF file can only be queried in such a way.

Have a look at this How to use ArcPad with SQL - Part 2, UPDATE blog. You can find more information about querying DataSource objects and what they return in the ArcPad Developer Help - Concepts.

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