I am having trouble finding the following documentation:

  • The OpenLayers wpsclient documentation: e.g.: what are the requirements for the wpsclient JavaScript to run JTS:overlaps or JTS: Difference

    server: 'local',
    process: 'JTS:splitPolygon',   //if this changes to another function
    inputs: {
    polygon: mypolygon,            //what is required here??
    line: myline
  • The documentation for OpenLayers layer.events.on({...sketchcomplete and more but I don't know what they are and where to find the info).

What options are there? I can't find this in the OpenLayers API documentation. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here!! so I apologise if that's the case.

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I just found an answer to the first point. Using a request to geoserver. Turns out "overlaps" requires input of a: and b: not "polygon" like the split tool.

    server: 'local',
    process: 'JTS:overlaps',   //wps function
    inputs: {
    a: mypolygon,           //inputs
    b: mypolygon            

How to find required parameters

For the openlayers documentation on layer events, I found it at openlayers doc link

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