Trying to run a simple script using qgis:joinbylocation but getting either errors or it's not processing correctly. I don't want to take a summary of the attributes, just the attributes of the first located feature and I want to keep all records. The parameter selections should be correct but it's the sum,mean,min,max,median that's causing problems. I tried removing them but python wasn't too happy. Also (for some reason) python doesn't recognise mean or median but is fine with the other statistical terms.

Any advice please?

##Output=output vector


processing.runalg("qgis:joinbylocation", File_1, File_2, 0, sum,mean,min,max,median, 0, 1, Output)

After typing the following into the Python console:

import processing processing.alghelp("qgis:joinbylocation")

You get this:

ALGORITHM: Join by location
INPUT1 <ParameterVector>
INPUT2 <ParameterVector>
SUMMARY <ParameterSelection>
STATS <ParameterString>
GEOMETRY <ParameterSelection>
KEEP <ParameterSelection>
OUTPUT <OutputVector>

I failed to notice the ParameterString for STATS which basically means to add ' on either side of the term to convert it onto a string, like this: 'sum,mean,min,max,median'.

So now the code is simply:

##Output=output vector

processing.runalg("qgis:joinbylocation", File_1, File_2, 0, '', 0, 1, Output)

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