I've extracted the road network of a city from openstreetmaps (filetype: osm). One part of the road networks look like this: enter image description here

However, there are too many details in this data. I'd like to represent each road with just one linestring, just like this: enter image description here

Is there any convenient (or maybe a tricky) way to reach that? I've searched around our site, I found some map skeletonization/genratzation may help, but I'm not quite sure about that. I've also tried the "network toplogy cleaning" function in OpenJUMP, but it didn't work. I would very happy to see a software/library can help me on this.

Or, is there any alternative way to extract rough(low level) road network of a city from other map source?


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A russian mapper has made a tool for road network generalization, but it has three drawbacks:

  1. It's in Visual Basic.
  2. It reads and produces .mp files made with osm2mp.
  3. Documentation is in Russian.

Sadly, @Mapper is right: there is no such general-purpose solution not only for OpenStreetMap data, but in general, for any open geodata format.


AFAIK there is currently no ready to use solution to generalize a (per lane) roadnetwork and reduce the complexity.

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