for few days i have been working on developing my own osm tile server. I tried it on linux as well as on windows, no complete success till now.

I Have to make tile server on both windows and linux.

for windows i used Maperitive and succeeded in generating tiles and then i used this guys code


now the prob is tiles are not showing up

Do i need to instal some Apache module for it ? My tiles are kept here


Where as i am opening html file from server


which is kept in here


     <div style="width: 600px; height: 400px" id="map"></div>
      <script src="leaflet/leaflet.js"></script>
      <script type="text/javascript" src="leaflet/leaflet-src.js"></script>
    map = new L.Map('map');

// create the tile layer with correct attribution
var osmUrl='C:\Profiles\Maperitive\TilesMaperitive\Tiles\{z}\{x}\{y}.png';
var osmAttrib='Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors';
var osm = new L.TileLayer(osmUrl, {minZoom: 13, maxZoom: 16, attribution: osmAttrib});      

// start the map in South-East England
map.setView(new L.LatLng(73.054519,33.707173 ),13);
    var popup = L.popup();

    function onMapClick(e) {
            .setContent("You clicked the map at " + e.latlng.toString())

    map.on('click', onMapClick);


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No, you don't need a special apache module. You don't even need a webserver at all because you can just to open file:///C:/Profiles/ApachePHP/apache/www/mwork/maperitive_test1/index_leaf.html in your browser.

The problem is your osmUrl. Either you have to make C:\Profiles\Maperitive\Tiles available through your webserver. Or you have to replace the URL with file:///C:/Profiles/Maperitive/Tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}.png.

Additionally there is a typo in your URL, Maperitive\TilesMaperitive\Tiles should probably just be Maperitive\Tiles instead.

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