I have ArcGIS 10.1 Installed on my CentOS server and I have also installed "ArcGIS-101SP1-S-SSEC-Patch-lx" security patch.

Do I need to upgrade ArcGIS for Server to 10.2? If I don't install the latest version Would it be a vulnerability for the current version?

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The "ArcGIS-101SP1-S-SSEC-Patch-lx" patch should be applied to 10.1 SP1, not just 10.1 (10.1 SP1 is a standalone install, not something to be applied to 10.1). There are more recent patches posted on support.esri.com -- I recommend you keep up to date.

Choosing to upgrade ArcGIS Server should be part of a process that includes ArcGIS Desktop upgrades within the organization. ArcGIS 10.2.x is subject to the "Heartbleed" OpenSSL issue, though there is both a patch, and a follow-on patch that prevents false-positive security scans.

I'd be more worried about patching CentOS -- It's not an Esri-supported platform, and a CentOS security patch in the December time frame broke my AGS functionality to the point that I needed to install a supported RedHat release.

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