On my desktop PC, I am using Ministry of Transportation Ontario road shields to label major highways on my maps. I often need to work with a laptop when I'm visiting a client at their location, so I copied the appropriate style files to the same folder on my laptop. When I try to apply the roads shield markers on the laptop, it gives me weird symbols and text instead of the appropriate shield. I had no problem doing this on my desktop, so I must be missing something.

On the left (in the image below), I have an example of the road shield marker style that displays on maps on my PC. On the right (column highlighted in yellow) are the marker symbol options I get in the style manager menu when I try to access these shields when using the laptop. I assume this is a simple fix and I'm overlooking something.

enter image description here

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It may be that the symbol depends on certain files that are unavailable on your laptop...

  • Check if it uses a particular font.
  • Check that linked
  • I'll give this one to you Matthew. I had overlooked the step that involved adding the appropriate font files. I had only added the sheilds in the appropriate ArcGIS folder. Thanks
    – Dano
    Commented Aug 7, 2014 at 11:57

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