I attached the link to the .shp files at the bottom.

Ive been exporting .shp files via Pathfinder Office. Every time I export this file it either exports in the middle of Atlantic or somewhere in the middle of Ohio. I am working in southern PA.

In Arc Map, I add new base map. Save the projection-WGS_1984Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere. From there I export my data from terrasync to PFO run the dif cor. and export it to a .esri shapefile. when I export the .shp file I make sure to select properties and browse to the projection file I just saved.

If I can get past this step. I need to use the kriging tool to add colors to all 5000 points I logged. I would like to have a key something like

Green 0-12000 Yellow 12001-18000 Red 18001-100000

Ive done quite a bit of research on kriging but there is several different tools to use and im not sure which one to use.


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  • Following on Dan's answer, it sounds like you have surveyed points with a GPS unit. That is where you'll find the coordinates your data was collected in, assuming the equipment was set up correctly. Depending on the type of unit and setup, that may be a known CRS or a completely custom local one. With proper setup I would expect the Terrasync/Pathfinder process would have correctly defined a CRS and given a .prj as part of its output, so the problem may be earlier in the process than we can help with. And as Erica's answer mentions, if you just want to symbolize points Kriging isn't needed. – Chris W Jul 10 '14 at 3:39

Once you get the shapefile/projection problem solved:

Kriging is a method of interpolating points to create a continuous surface.

I think that you actually want to use graduated colors to modify the symbology of the points, manually setting classification breaks at the values you need.

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