What are some current examples of web services serving thematic mapping based on free and open source software? The thematic mapping could be in the form of choropleth or point layers. It would be very interesting to see some good publicly accessible geo-information systems, with the emphasis as much on simple but well-implemented projects as on those that are technically accomplished.


There is a nice project from SEAI mapping wind and geothermal energy potential. Very neat example of using MapFish and OpenLayers.

Although not purely about maapping I like design of EveryBlock. As far as I know it is based on GeoDjango, OpenLayers and Mapnik. And it's open source.


Look at this site,Thematic Mapping, maybe you'll find there something that can help you.


http://www.waterandhealth.eu/ is a nice MapFish and/or GeoExt based site. I'm not sure what the server behind it is.


Here is a link with many FOSSGIS thematic mapping examples most are online mapping apps, a few are standalone desktop applications


A good example is with Time Slider (forecast): http://www.meteosmit.it/previsioni/map (using openlayers and postgis with google maps api)


A bit shameless self promotion: http://zadeh.ugent.be/rwanda Built using mapserver and ka-map


The Environmental Response Management Application for NOAA was built on FOSS systems, though it uses Google's data.


  1. Some digital atlases created with Geopublisher, they can be burned on a CD and used offline: http://en.geopublishing.org/demo

  2. A JSF2 WebGIS platform based on

    • Openlayers,
    • OL4JSF,
    • AtlasStyler for SLD,
    • Geoserver for WMS
    • GSRCJ to configure Geoserver
    • PostGIS/POstgreSQL for data storage.

No proprietary GIS software used for the creating and running of the platform.

The page is in German, so use this loooong permalink to see something..


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