I'm publishing shape files in geoserver through curl,my problem is that geoserver didn't recognizing the projection which is in ESRI WKT format(layer was publishing).I searched for this problem i found that ESRI wkt format don't have the "EPSG:4326" . What i have to do to recognize the ESRI wkt format projection?


Possible options:

.prj file

Create a .prj file which contains the EPSG:4326 that GeoServer does recognise. You can get this from the Demos -> SRS List admin page. Name this .prj file the same as your shapefile and if necessary overwrite the one that exists.

Force declared

When adding the layer, set the "Declared SRS to 4326" and the SRS Handling to "force declared".

enter image description here

See: http://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/webadmin/data/layers.html#coordinate-reference-systems

  • I believe that OP is doing this using curl on the REST enpoint. Can you show the parameters that one can use with the REST endpoint, to set the declared SRS? – Devdatta Tengshe Jul 10 '14 at 8:45

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