How can I make the background of the Leaflet map transparent. I see opacity controls from the layers, but not the map background. Should the be changed just with plain CSS?

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Hey plain CSS did the trick:

.leaflet-container {

This worked for me,

.leaflet-container {
  background: none !important;

Try using the leaflet.extras package -- you can make the background white or transparent!



setMapWidgetStyle(list(background= "white"))
  • This question is about Javascript Leaflet. Jan 16, 2019 at 18:37
  • @Jessie this is for leaflet on Javascript not R
    – csheth
    Apr 9, 2020 at 7:24
  • I found this very useful, because I couldn't find an appropriate answer for R. Came up on google, problem solved. Thank you.
    – Stephan
    Feb 18, 2021 at 9:45

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