I have a graph G (made from a road network shapefile), and a source node S, and a destination node D. I have calculated the length of shortest path using single_source_dijkstra_path_length, but now I need to save the actual path in a shapefile. This will not help, because it returns the graph representation of my network, which looks nothing like my original network. Is there a way to save this path separately as a shapefile?


When you read a shapefile in networkx with read_shp networkx simplifies the line to a start and end, though it keeps all the attributes, and a WKT and WKB representation of the feature for when you export the data again.

To get the subset of the graph g based on the shortest path you can simply get the subraph:

result_graph = g.subgraph(nx.shortest_path(g, 'from', 'to'))

And then you can export the result using write_shp. This will write a node shapefile and an edge shapefile to the specified directory.

nx.write_shp(result_graph, 'output_directory')

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