I have a small Python script which is supposed to delete a shapefile in case the file is empty.

import sys
from osgeo import ogr

drv = ogr.GetDriverByName("ESRI Shapefile")
ds = drv.Open(inData)
if ds is None:
    print "Could not open file."

lyr = ds.GetLayer()  

if lyr.GetFeatureCount() == 0:

everything seems to work fine. The shapefile consists of

  • shapefile.dbf
  • shapefile.prj
  • shapefile.shp
  • shapefile.shx

whereas only the *.prj and *.shx get deleted. the *.dbf and *.shp are untouched. Is there anything I am missing?


found the problem:

the files were still busy from the check if it contains geometries.


Setting both variables = None before actually deleting the file solves the problem.

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