What is a proper python code, which enables to scan photographs (when captured from a series of snapshots) and match it with a geo-tagged image database.

Based on the extent of similarities existing between captured photo and geo-tagged images, it must help in finding my position on a map.

So far, I am aware of finding latitude and longitude of an image file using following python code

from osgeo import gdal

geotiff= gdal.Open('C:\Users\nikhil\Desktop\north_rgb.tif')


gt = geotiff.GetGeoTransform()

minx = gt[0]

miny = gt[3] + width*gt[4] + height*gt[5]

maxx = gt[0] + width*gt[1] + height*gt[2]

maxy = gt[3]


I need some extension or modification of this code as my requirement stated above.

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