I am trying to load a Shapefile to CouchBase (version: 2.5.0 DEV edition, installed on Ubuntu), but with no success.

According to this documentation it is possible like this:

ogr2ogr -f couchdb "couchdb:http://some_account.some_couchdb_server.com" shapefile.shp

so I tried like this:

ogr2ogr -f couchdb "couchdb:http://localhost:8092" shapefile.shp


ogr2ogr -f couchdb "couchdb:http://localhost:8092/osm" shapefile.shp

(where osm is an existing databucket) and also with permissions:

ogr2ogr -lco UPDATE_PERMISSIONS=ALL -f couchdb > couchdb:http://localhost:8092 shapefile.shp

then I tried simply to connect:

ogrinfo -ro "couchdb:http://localhost:8092"

which gives me the error:

FAILURE: Unable to open datasource 'couchdb:http://localhost:8092' with the following drivers. [list of drivers including couchdb]

I also tried instead of localhost and also with port 8091 (and every combination of these).

Can anyone verify that the couchdb ogr2ogr driver is working and, if yes, what am I doing wrong?

Maybe the problem is that it is CouchBase instead of CouchDB.

My GDAL version is 2.0.0dev

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Couchbase is not Apache CouchDB compatible, hence the OGR driver doesn't work. AFAIK there's currently no OGR driver for Couchbase.


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