I have a dataset consisting of irregularly-spaced points (x,y,value) that represent an area of ocean that contains some land. I need to interpolate these to a regular grid, ensuring that the interpolation routine does not consider data points that are on the opposite site of a land barrier (e.g. the other side of a peninsular). I understand that this means that I need to insert "breaklines" in the data, and I have polygons of the coastline that I can use for this.

Do any R packages allow for spatial interpolation using breaklines? Ideally I think that natural neighbour interpolation would be the most appropriate for my dataset, but I suspect that the breaklines are more important than the interpolation method.

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The ipdw package accounts for barriers during interpolation. It is an application of Inverse Distance Weighting using path distances. You can find the vignette here.

You might also consider non-Euclidean kriging using the geoRcb package on github. I have not tried it but it looks promising.


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