I have a bunch of polygons in my CartoDB map, and I want to create a new column called AREA in the table MY_TABLE that contains values from my area calculation query:

select ST_Area(the_geom::geography) as area_sqm FROM My_TABLE

this statement works, but the column area_sqm that contains the area value clears every time I clear the query, how can I have this permanently as part of my table so I can display the area value in the info table of my map?


In general:

ALTER TABLE  your_table ADD COLUMN area double precision;

UPDATE your_table SET area=ST_AREA(geom::geography);

(If your srid is 4326 and your data is stored as geometry)


To round to 2 decimals use round() funcrion. If I remember right it works on numeric type and not double precision. So you need something like:

  • Great! worked! Is there anyway to limit the precision to be just 2 digits after decimal points? Now its showing 9 digits....THANKS! – Vivian Ngo Jul 18 '14 at 18:23

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