I would like to superimpose openstreetmap data over a raster image, using mapnik. My problem is that this image is not in a projection being defined by a SRS, I have some non-linear algorithm to run to be able to match a pixel and a geographic position.

Is it possible to use some kind of custom converter for positions in mapnik ?

Another possibility would be to modify every longitude/latitude in the database to set them to the corresponding pixels, but I'm afraid that it won't play well with the internal reprojections in mapnik.

I still have the possibility to do everything by hand using the OSM API, but the result would be ugly.

The processing will be done in python.


I finally did it by hand. The hardest part was finding non outdated informations about OSM and the library ecosystem.

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    Could you share how you did this? – Pepijn Jul 4 '15 at 16:22

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