I've taken a basic webmap 'ESRI HomeButton' and I'm trying to create a modularized webmap setup from it. I want to break down this simple webmap to have it utilizing a module system with config files and more. Then I can take other single-use webmaps and breakout the widgets into separate files much more easily and approach everything very much like the FlexViewer environment.

The problem I am having is that in my widgetHomeButton.js file, I took the HomeButton.js code and added in three lines...

In my require, I added "widgets/homebutton/config" to point to my config.js file. I should mention I have a package.js file that sets up the folders so that 'widgets' points to package_path + "path/to/widgets" just like in the example.

In my function, I added widgetConfig as the variable to store the config.js file contents, which happen to be JSON style data.

Then in the HomeButton widget code I added a single line of code that reads...

console.log( widgetConfig );

And all I get are errors. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  • What kind of errors are you getting? Commented Jul 23, 2014 at 11:17

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If I understand your question correctly, Use dojo/text! and JSON.parse to grab config:

Assumes directory structure something like:

  - /templates
    - MyWidget.html
  - MyWidget.js
  - MyWidgetConfig.js


// Define Widget Module
  function (declare, domConstruct, template, widgetConfigJson) {
    'use strict'; // ECMAScript 5 Strict Mode

    return declare(null, {
        constructor: function (map, srcNodeRef) {
          this.map = map;

          // place templated html
          domConstruct.place(template, srcNodeRef);

          // parse json config into object.
          // name file .js instead of .json
          var widgetConfig = JSON.parse(widgetConfigJson);

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