How do I split a multipart polygon which consists of several polygons into single polygons so I can delete each polygon without deleting them all at one time?

I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.0.



Under "Advanced Editing" there is a Button for "Explode Multi-Part features". Worked just fine!

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    Be aware that Explode gives the same attribute values that the original whole has to each part. Fields that are updated automatically (cases like length and area) will do so, but for instance your SLR field will have a 2500 value for each part. If you had added a field and calculated an acreage attribute, all parts would get the same acreage value. You need to use another method that allows for split and join policies to apportion values if you need to distribute attributes among the parts. – Chris W Jul 21 '14 at 19:53

You can use the Multipart To Singlepart (Data Management) tool which:

Creates a feature class containing singlepart features generated by separating multipart input features.


ArcMap, arctoolbox -> data management -> features -> Multipart to singlepart

Qgis, vector menu -> Geometry tools -> Multipart To Singlepart.

arcmap, No advance license need,

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