I have a large point layer and I'm doing a "Select by Location" to select all points that intersect a specific selected polygon from a polygon table.

In ArcMap 10.0 the SQL that was executed was basically the following:

  1. Stick the se_rowid of the polygon into the sde_logfile_data table

  2. Select all points that intersect the polygon

In ArcMap 10.2 the SQL is an alternating sequence of:

  1. Insert the rowids of 10000 points into the sde_logfile_data table

  2. Select count(distinct sde_row_id) from sde_log_table where logfile_data_id = ...

    i.e., sde_logfile_data keeps getting inserted into and the subsequent selects take longer and longer. ArcMap ends up stalling and I have to kill it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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    That sounds like an internal problem. I suggest it's time to contact Esri support as there's nothing a user can do to modify the selection behavior of ArcMap Select by Location. – Michael Stimson Jul 21 '14 at 22:34

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