I'm trying to import data using osm2po but am only interested in driving distances, so I'd like to omit all footway, cycleway, steps, etc. in the imported dataset. How can I configure osm2po to do this ?

The documentation isn't completely clear... I tried leaving the config of wtr.finalMask as only car, which I interpreted it to mean it should only create ways which include the car type.

# only convert ways containing one of these flags
wtr.finalMask = car

But this is not the case in the resulting dataset. The ways with class types for just bike, foot, and ferry are all present.

Do I need to just remove these lines from osm2po.config ?

wtr.tag.highway.pedestrian =     1, 62, 5,   bike|foot
wtr.tag.highway.track =          1, 71, 10,  bike|foot
wtr.tag.highway.path =           1, 72, 10,  bike|foot
wtr.tag.highway.cycleway =       1, 81, 15,  bike
wtr.tag.highway.footway =        1, 91, 5,   foot
wtr.tag.highway.steps =          1, 92, 5,   foot
wtr.tag.route.ferry =            2,  1, 10,  ferry
wtr.tag.route.shuttle_train =    2,  2, 50,  rail|car
wtr.tag.railway.rail =           3,  3, 50,  rail

Or is there some other mechanism for excluding them ?

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The default config reflects a standard car-routing-topo. Hence it should not take footways or sth. similar into account. finalMask=car means that only ways which are drivable will be included and converted. But be careful. Paths or tracks and even ferries may be tagged with motorcar=yes. This indicates an alternative potential type of transport for cars where normal streets are not present. The corresponding line in the config which influences this is this here:

wtr.allow.motor[car|_vehicle].[yes|destination] = car

So if you're only interested in "real" streets out-comment it.

  • Ok, so those bike, foot, and ferry records present are due to OSM listing them as motorcar=yes ?
    – widesGIS
    Jul 31, 2014 at 20:04
  • usually footways are not tagged with motorcar=yes. So the amount of wrong streets you apparently receive may not be caused by this. Can you send me your osm2po.config?
    – Carsten
    Aug 9, 2014 at 8:24

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