Does anyone know where I can find an accurate polygon database of all golf courses in the us?

  • Golfbert.com is releasing an API for their golf course maps database, which includes polygons for every green, fairway, hazard and tee box. I think you can possibly get in their BETA group by emailing dave@golfbert.com. – Dave Lester Nov 18 '16 at 16:57

You should take a look at POI Factory. They have a Golf Courses-USA dataset that apparently originated from www.golflinks.com.

You should of course read into their Terms of Use policy to make sure your use case is covered.


The 05 ESRI StreetMap lyr file contains about 7100 golf course polygons nation-wide. However this most likely is a small sample of all the courses that may exist.


Google Earth has fairly complete data set of these, it's only a viewer though. I remember a few years ago seeing a GIS job with golflink.com, might try contacting them and see if they share / sell their data sets Google Earth gold course layer


try Geodeg

8852 golf courses in USA http://geodeg.com/search.php?q=golf+course&language=&country=220


I don't think every data dream can come to reality.

If there's an agency which does not have a vision to manage geo-spatial information for itself, getting such a data can be a tedious task.

You can get the textual information very easily, but finding a GIS data can be (almost) impossible.

See the Golf Directory...

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