I have a shape that I've exported to CSV and GeoJSON to be loaded into CartoDB. Unfortunately, the GeoJSON doesn't work so I am trying to upload the CSV but don't quite understand how to get the array to reference, I am guessing I should convert it somewhere or somehow?

Ideally for free and with low bandwidth (I'm currently in Uganda). Here is the table for reference: https://alissarose.cartodb.com/tables/kcca_scrape_osm_linejoin4

Also, if the GeoJSON would just upload, that would be great. Here's a link to the file that won't load any data into CartoDB https://github.com/alissarose/test_spot/blob/master/kcca_OSMlinejoin.geojson

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The GeoJSON attached is failing because of the encoding:

ERROR:  invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0x82

You can download it and save it as UTF-8 with your text editor and it will work (although it's probably too late!).

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