I have a big raster image with medium details, but for some regions I do have far more details as a seperate raster image.

Now I'd like to display both of them in my map that I render with Tilemill. So now I would need to cut a hole out of the bigger raster (exactly the shape of the small one) file so that both layers will be properly displayed on my map. (Note: I don't display it with an opacity of 100%)

I found that using the gdalwarp -cutline shape.shp input.tif output.tif command I can cut a raster. But I need the inverse of that. Is there a parameter for gdal which I am missing?

Thanks a lot


You can use gdal_merge which will combine the rasters. Have a look at the description of gdal_merge:

This utility will automatically mosaic a set of images. All the images must be in the same coordinate system and have a matching number of bands, but they may be overlapping, and at different resolutions. In areas of overlap, the last image will be copied over earlier ones.

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  • Hey Torsten, I now resumed the work on this... But the gdal_merge is of no help for us, as the different GeoTiffs have different resolutions Also increasing the resolution on the low-resolution GeoTiff would make a really really huge raster-file. So I'd really like to just cut a hole into my geotiff... Any idea how that works? – Georg Aug 26 '14 at 12:55

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