excuse me if this has been asked before, but I can not find answer after heavy googling.

What coordinate system/projection does shapefiles need to be in to be alligned correctly with mapbox reference layers?

This page states that the only projection supported is web mercator. However, when I project my shapefile to web mercator in ArcMap, the shapefile is displayed over Africa? Am I simply missing false easting and northing values?

Anyway, HERE are examples of alignments with two different projections.

As displayed above I've convert my shapefiles into different projections, without managing to align them with the reference layer. Help please?


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You do not need to re-project your shapefile in Arc Map (Tilemill will do it). Instead, when you add your layer in Tilemill you have to select Custom for SRS and enter the complete datum of your shapefile.

enter image description here

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