The question of my problem is simple, I want to make labels automatically reduce to fit within the polignos. Type the biggest size is 12 and goat decrease the size to be restricted to the limits of Poligno. Exists based on the calculator using polignos option field area, but this is time consuming due to the amount of resources. Can I use plugins labels manualemnte easy, but that would take too long and would be basically a CAD but without assistance. enter image description here

  • have you found any workaround for this problem ? – geogeek Sep 17 '15 at 13:38

Not sure if you have already tried this but you can edit the placement of your labels:

Layer properties > Labels > Placement

Select Offset from centroid and choose the whole polygon and the centre quadrant.

Layer properties label

Unless you also edit the Scale-based visibility in the Rendering section (Layer properties > Labels > Rendering), the labels will constantly appear at the same size when zooming in or out which may result in labels exceeding the perimeters of the polygon.

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