Here is a sample from an xml child element:

<a id="1" l="de" v="Grundlose Kuhle"/>
<a id="2" p="6" code="7"/>
<a id="3" p="12" code="6"/>
<a id="5" v="2925/005-0"/>
<a id="39" l="de" v="siehe Medien"/>
<a id="1" l="de" v="another value"/>
<a id="2" p="6" code="4"/>
<a id="3" p="12" code="2"/>
<a id="5" v="2925/005-0"/>
<a id="39" l="de" v="another value"/>

I want to extract the value "Grundlose Kuhle" from the aspects.a.id="1".v element.

How can I get FME to put all "v"-values from ID="1" elements into a list so that I can write them to a featuretype?

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